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For example, the Department of Homeland Security, which is in charge of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE), is not included. To put it into context, only nine percent of people incarcerated in the federal prison system are housed in private prisons, while, as of January 2020, 81 percent of ICE detainees are held in privately operated facilities. Nevertheless, the EO throws a major curveball at a multimillion-dollar industry that influences the lives of tens of thousands of incarcerated people, costing the companies almost 20 percent of their annual revenues in the United States. Currently, the Bureau of Prisons has contracts with three private prison operators: CoreCivic (formerly known as Corrections Corporation of America), GEO Group, and MTC (Management and Training Corporation), which together operate twelve private federal prisons across the country. The executive order will have its first effects at the end of March 2021, when the contracts with two privately owned federal prisons expire, the Moshannon Valley Correctional Facility  in Pennsylvania and the Rivers Correctional Institution  in North Carolina. The people currently imprisoned at the two facilities will be transferred to public federal facilities. TNI has investigated these cases of de-privatization in the context of its work to develop an international database of de-privatization  of basic public services. The criminal justice system is a critical service for society and is of a highly sensitive nature regarding human rights. As such, you would think it should be a core business of public authorities. Prison services have increasingly been run by private companies for the last few decades in many parts of the world. For example, in the United Kingdom, private prisons were introduced in the 1990s and despite security concerns, contracts for two new private prison sites were awarded in 2019. The private management of prisons, detention centers, and integrated services in the United States, as well as elsewhere in the world, has led to declining quality of service provisions, increased security issues, and higher safety incidents at privately managed facilities. According to several studies, the security risk at privately operated prisons is higher than at publicly operated facilities; for example, the rate at which assaults occur within private prisons is double that at public prisons. Given the first step President Biden took through signing the EO on 26 January 2021, this article explores the underlying characteristics of the privatized criminal justice system in the United States and the necessity to transfer ownership and control into public hands. Prison Population, Mass Incarceration and the ‘Need’ for Private Actors The United States hosts the largest prison population worldwide in absolute numbers, with a prison population more than four times higher than that of India, whose general population is four times greater than that of the United States. Out of over two million people currently in the US prison system, roughly eight percent are placed in privately run facilities, both at the federal and the state level for 31 states. Private federal prisons, which are now directly affected by President Biden’s EO, incarcerate almost 14,000 people, or nine percent of the federal prison population. During the time period between 2000 and 2019, the number of people held in private federal prisons increased by 77 percent. Even though this number has dropped again in the past five years, the federal government remains the single largest user of private prisons in the United States. One reason for this steep increase in the private federal prison population, as well as of the private prison population in general in the United States is the country’s extraordinarily high incarceration rate.

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Page High estate in Wood Green Haringey estate hit by problems during Covid-19 pandemic By Simon Allin @SimonAllin3 Local Democracy Reporter, Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Vulnerable people were left “very afraid” after their housing estate’s lifts and intercom failed during the coronavirus pandemic, according to the head of a tenants’ group. Dr Adrian Chapman, chairman of the tenants’ association at Page High estate, Wood Green, said the lift shutdowns meant people had to use a stairwell where social distancing was “impossible”. The failure of the intercom at Page High – a 1970s housing estate built above shops and a car park in Lymington Avenue – left some residents fearful they would miss deliveries of food and medication, he added. A spokesperson for housing association Sanctuary Housing apologised for the problems and said it had “not been straightforward” to send contractors to the building during the pandemic. Dr Chapman claimed that if it had not been for groups of volunteers helping the vulnerable, people would have been in a “terrible situation”. He said: “For a week the two lifts were not working, and over 200 people living at Page High were forced to use one set of about 100 steps – not allowing for the possibility of social distancing. “It was not just an inconvenience – it was also a significant public health issue. “The tenants’ association tried to maintain a dialogue with Sanctuary throughout the crisis but were not able to have meaningful discussions while the lifts were out of action.” Dr Chapman said Sanctuary had sent a WhatsApp message to tenants stating it was “currently in the process of getting the Loler certificate completed” to resolve the lifts issue. By law, Loler (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations) inspections must be carried out regularly to ensure lifts are safe to use. Dr Chapman claimed it had been difficult to talk to his usual contacts at Sanctuary, and he could only get through to a call centre in Hull – where staff had limited knowledge of Page High. It was only after the intervention of MP for Hornsey and Wood Green Catherine West that things started to improve, he added. “Deliveries have been very difficult because for several weeks we have had no intercom,” Dr Chapman said. “At a time when people need shopping and medication, they are in a very difficult situation. “One elderly neighbour requested medication but it could not be delivered, and it was left downstairs with market traders. “We have quite a lot of elderly and vulnerable people. They have been struggling, housebound, extremely anxious and very afraid. “If not for the tenants’ group and volunteers looking after people and doing their shopping, people would be in a terrible situation.” A spokesperson for Sanctuary Housing said: “We are very sorry for the inconvenience the issue with the lifts has caused and understand the residents’ frustrations. We also apologise to Dr Chapman for the difficulties he encountered contacting local staff while they are working remotely. “During these unusual times it has not been straightforward to arrange for specialist lift contractors to visit the site and therefore, for safety reasons, we took the difficult decision to temporarily take the lifts out of action until the Loler inspections could be carried out. “We can confirm the first lift was inspected and restored last week, while the second lift was inspected on Tuesday, June 2 after repairs were carried out and is now back in use.